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Welcome to Righteous Warriors!

"This is where decades of solid Biblical teaching, hall of fame martial arts instruction, and award winning Christian entertainment collide!"



"Biblical life skills meets Kung Fu Panda!"


"It's like having your own awesome VBS program for your kids classes!"


Do you teach kids?  Would you like to see kids learn more about the Bible in a fun and unique way?  Are you looking for an exciting way for kids to be taught life skills and character development from a Biblical perspective?  Well, you have come to the right place! 

We want to help you make disciples through the Righteous Warriors program.  We are still in the development stages of this amazing program, and would love to have you join us. Thank you and God bless you as you continue to seek creative ways to "make disciples" as you teach the next generation of students!  

In Christ,

Charles Owens II

Owner, JMK Martial Arts; Co-creator, Righteous Warriors


With the Righteous Warriors Program you can...

Creatively Teach Biblical Life Skills!

Each Righteous Warriors module will include powerful life skill lessons, mat chats, Bible stories, handouts for students, several instructional videos, and memory verses provided by our really awesome animated martial arts grandmaster character named "Master Wan."  Each life lesson will also point people back to the wonderful Gospel message while allowing students to earn rewards as they learn!

 Do you want to uniquely share the Gospel message and teach the Bible in your school or organization?  Let Master Wan and the Righteous Warriors program help!

This is great for creative ideas for your curriculum,  and quick video lessons!  

Here is a quick sample of one of the Biblical Life Skill lessons the Righteous Warriors Program offers:


Memory Verse With Master Wan Example:  Hebrews 12:11 "Discipline"


Biblical Life Lesson Handout Example: Discipline

Biblical Life Skill Mat Chat Lesson With Master Wan Example:  Discipline


Life Skill Handout Lesson Example: Discipline

Life Skill Mat Chat Video Lesson with Master Wan Example: Discipline:


This doesn't even scratch the surface!  Just a few of the other martial arts life skills, memory verses, and Bible story lessons that are in the works include: 

  • Respect
  • Courage
  • .....and much, much, more!  



Make Practicing & Exercising Online Fun!

Would you like to have a way for your students to WANT to practice and exercise at home?  Or, would you like a quick "plug and play" option to keep your younger students engaged in case you need to step away for a few minutes?  Check out the samples below and see how Master Wan can help you keep your younger students moving!

Front Punches:  Technique Instructional & Follow Along Video Example with Master Wan:


Like What You See?  Get Involved!

If you are ready to make disciples with us through the Righteous Warriors Program, then please consider how you can get involved.  We appreciate your prayers and support as we continue producing this program.  

Support With Tax-Deductible Donations:

If you, your business, or your organization would like to support this program financially, you may give a tax-deductible donation of any amount to our 501 C-3 non-profit Bible teaching ministry partner, First Word Ministries by clicking the link below.  Some of our ongoing expenses as we continue producing this program include video/animation production costs and continued curriculum development.  We humbly appreciate your generous support as we continue to make disciples according to the Great Commission. We will send you a special e-book gift for your support.

"...for God loves a cheerful giver!" 2 Cor. 9:7  

Help fund the continued development of the Righteous Warriors Program by clicking here.


In The Works...

Your involvement will help make the Righteous Warriors Program "come to life" as we continually improve the content, the animated characters and create customized resources such as achievement accessories, merchandise, and apparel. 

Here is the concept artwork to improve Master Wan's image.  Our prayer is that the future of the Righteous Warriors program will continue to grow and eventually further develop Master Wan's character, and the other Righteous Warriors characters, and other programs that can be used to help make disciples not only in martial arts schools, but also in churches, schools, and other organizations throughout the world!  Who knows, perhaps "Righteous Warriors" can one day even make it to the big screen!  Thank you again for your support.  




Organizations Committed to

Making Disciples Through the Righteous Warriors Program:




Thank you for checking out the Righteous Warriors Program! 

We look forward to making disciples with you.  

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it." 

Proverbs 22:6

Copyright:  JMK Martial Arts, LLC & Brainy Pixel Productions, LLC

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