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JMK Martial Arts Class Descriptions

JMK Korean Karate (Kong Soo)

Little Cubs (Ages 3-6) * Junior Tigers (Ages 7-12) * Adults and Teens (Ages 13-up)

JMK's traditional martial arts program includes instruction in a complete, consolidated self-defense system from our primary style known as "Kong Soo Sul"  (also called "Kong Soo Do" or "Kong Soo" for short).   The term literally means "Empty hand techniques" and is the early term for Korean Karate.  Since the Jung Moo Kwan taught a military and combative type art from its early days, all techniques in our traditional martial arts program are taught from a combative and self-defense (Ho Sin Sul) perspective.  

JMK Kong Soo has a good hybrid blend of traditional Korean Karate, Classic Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do (Korean Jujutsu), Yudo (Korean Judo), and Korean Kickboxing included in its curriculum. 

Traditional Korean Karate training involves learning traditional karate forms and movement patterns (hyung/kata), which includes blocking and striking techniques, kicks, as well as clinching/grappling self-defense applications and drills.  It also includes a lot of physical conditioning, basic tumbling, sparring, grappling, and some weapons training for advanced students. 

We offer authentic Kong Soo instruction handed down to us from South Korean martial arts master Wan Yung Chung.  Master Chung has since passed on his legacy of the Jung Moo Kwan to his top student Dr. Charles Owens, and now to his son, Charles Owens II. 

JMK is also now the headquarter location for the US Jung Moo Kwan Association.

Our Junior traditional martial arts program (Little Cubs and Junior Tigers) teaches the basics of the JMK Kong Soo curriculum to kids ages 3-12, and it also includes age-appropriate games, and skill and fitness drills that make training fun and energetic to help students learn how to defend themselves while learning valuable life skills for character development, while getting some really good physical exercise in the process.

JMK Ninja Trix

Ninja Trix is a new and exciting program that JMK offers for kids that includes obstacle course “soft play” training, tumbling, and fitness/agility training.  JMK is the only official Ninja Trix location in the Morgan County, Alabama area.  JMK is proud to offer Ninja Trix to help students improve in their athleticism.  The current JMK Ninja Trix program is intended for ages 4-12).  

JMK Krav Maga

Krav Maga ("Contact Combat") is the hand to hand combat self-defense training system as taught by the Israeli Defense Forces.  It is simple and effective for street self-defense, and it includes blocking, striking, escapes, self-defense tactics, gun/knife disarming and training,  and much more.  JMK is the only school in the Morgan County Alabama area that teaches Krav Maga as an affiliate school of the Krav Maga Association under the direction of Professor Marty Cale, and offers authentic Krav Maga instruction and rank straight from the IDF in Israel.  For more information about Krav Maga and the Krav Maga Association, please visit   

JMK Combative Jujitsu

Combative JuJitsu (sometimes spelled “Jiu jitsu”) was derived from Combat Judo, which was originally developed to
address the needs of military personnel facing new hand to hand combat challenges as a way to
ensure a streamlined, tested, and effective method of self defense. Its roots stem
from the WWII era.

Combat Judo during WWII was specifically designed as a self-defense/offensive method
focusing on rapid disposal of attackers. By the start of WWII, this fighting method had become
wide spread throughout the branches of the US military. “Combat Judo” became the name of this
system utilized by the US Military primarily during this time. It was taught to specialized units
for use in potential close quarter combat situations.
Combative JuJitsu revives the more dangerous Jujitsu techniques seeking to quickly defeat the
opponent, allowing the option to finish with more drastic techniques, enabling the defender to
focus on the next attacker.

Combative JuJitsu incorporates the striking techniques of Boxing and Kickboxing, and also emphasizes small joint manipulations such as finger and wrist locks in addition to chokes, elbow locks, wrist locks, arm bars, knee bars, ankle locks, etc.  Combative Jujitsu is taught as a supplemental part of our program.

JMK Catch Wrestling

Catch wrestling (also known as Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling) is defined as “using or making do with whatever means are available”. Catch wrestling is regarded throughout the world as “the violent art,” as it is considered one of the most aggressive grappling styles. It is also the father of Olympic Freestyle Wrestling (once commonly known as Amateur Catch as Catch Can) and Collegiate Folkstyle Wrestling.  It includes several submission techniques, face locks, neck cranks, toe holds, muscle locks, knee bars, wrist locks, etc.  JMK is proud to offer authentic catch wrestling as a part of its overall self-defense program.  JMK is an official affiliate school of Snake Pit USA Catch Wrestling Association under the direction of Coach Joel Bane.  For more information about Catch Wrestling and Snake Pit USA, please visit  

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