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Dr. Charles Owens

Dr. Charles Owens photo Dr. Charles Owens
  • Kong Soo Sul – 10th Dan

  • So Rim mit So Ryong Yu Classic Tae Kwon Do - 9th Dan

  • Tang Soo Do - 8th Dan

  • Hapkido – 7th Dan

  • Sho Ryoku Ju Jutsu – 6th Dan

  • Judo - 2nd dan

  • Krav Maga Instructor
  • North American Tang Soo Do Federation (Grandmaster/Chong Kwan Jang)

  • European Society of Soke (Grandmaster/Soke-Do Joo)

  • Yee Chong Mu Family (Grandmaster/Soke-Do Joo)

  • U.S. Jung Moo Kwan Association (Chairman, Nat'l Training Director/Chong Kwan Jang/Kuk Sa)

  • World Korean Martial Arts Union (Grandmaster/Kuk Sa – Hall of Fame Member)

  • World KiDo Federation (World-Class Senior Master/Chong Kwan Jang)

  • World Martial Arts League (World-Class Senior Master/Chong Kwan Jang)

  • International Taekwon-do Federation (Master/Kwan Jang)

  • U.S. Martial Arts Association (Do Joo/Kuk Sa; member - Hall Of Fame, Lifetime Member)

  • U.S. Grand Master's Council (Past Member) 

  • Former Law Enforcement Officer 
  • Certified Instructor 45+ years 
  • US Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee 
  • Inaugural Member of US Council of Grandmasters
  • Named to First Generation of American Masters, USMAA 
  • Pastor, Teacher, Theologian, Author, Ordained Minister
  • D.Min; PhD 
I'd like to know more information!

I'd like to know more information!

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